In North America, November is the end of autumn. With winter, the days are shortened and darkened, the ground entombed in decolourized, white snow, and the skies bleached of their beautiful, sapphire blue colour all this coalescing to create a monochromatic grey landscape.

If you find yourself filled with despair, aimlessly strolling the streets, lost and longing for the golden yellow sunshine of summer, then wander your way into Bedrock Gems Unlimited. There you will be joyously rejuvenated by, not just one, but two traditional birthstones for November glowing gorgeous yellow like the sun: the Citrine and the Topaz.

In the whole wide world of gemstones there is very little yellow. There are some yellow diamonds and sapphires, but their extraordinary infrequency makes them extraordinarily expensive. Last month’s birthstone, the tourmaline, comes in yellow, but they tend to be greenish rather than golden.

So thank goodness for the sparkling Citrine and Topaz that capture the colour yellow so perfectly, from a blindingly bright banana, to a dark deep amber, and every shade in between.

Obvious enough, the name 'Citrine' derives from the yellow of the lemon. Citrines are known by many as the Golden Topaz, even though they have little in common other than colour. If you seek an affordable gem to give to your loved one this November, then the Citrine is the perfect choice.
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  On the other hand, if you want to splurge on a stone of supreme quality then choose the Topaz. The sunshine yellow Topaz is a superior stone, a stronger investment, and a more prestigious gem to wear at coming Christmas parties.

The mythical power of both the Citrine and the Topaz is to dispel sadness and protect the wearer from harm... exactly what we all need to survive the winter.

Bedrock Gems Unlimited has a stunning selection of both Citrines and Topazes for you to peruse. So don’t delay, visit our website at today.
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