The gorgeous green color of the peridot, with just a slight sparkle of gold, is the perfect gem to adorn your summer wardrobe.  Apropos, the peridot is known as the birthstone of August.

To wear the beautiful peridot is to ornament yourself with ancient history; for the peridot is one of the oldest gemstones that is as popular for jewellery today as it was in the past millennium.

The peridot was cherished by the Egyptians as far back as the early second millennium B.C. and crafted into their finest jewellery.  The Romans also loved the pale green peridot as well as the ancient Greeks and Europeans.  Today, the peridot is treasured worldwide.

Beyond its beautiful color, the peridot is also highly prized for one special and unique feature that was first identified by the Romans.  The peridot shines just as brilliantly in lamplight as it does in natural sunlight.  Because of this truly astonishing characteristic, the Romans honored the peridot with the title ‘The Emerald Of The Evening’.
  Throughout the ages, the peridot has been enshrouded with myth and legend; particularly, that the peridot brings power and influence to its owner.  The peridot is the mythological gemstone of ‘power’.

The most popular peridots are vivid lime-green with no olive tones and have even color distribution.  Nearly all peridots from North America are three carats or less, while larger carat stones are likely from Pakistan or China (Pakistani peridot being the most sought after).

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